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Student Counseling

At Active Care Education, we understand the significance of challenges and emotional aspects that students may face during their academic journey. We appraise student counseling as a very important service. Our team of qualified counselors offers a safe and supportive environment for students to discuss their concerns, anxieties, and aspirations. Through individualized counseling sessions, we help students navigate academic challenges, personal development, and emotional well-being. We provide guidance on stress management, study skills, time management, and building resilience. Our Student Counseling service aims to empower students, enhance their overall well-being, and contribute to their academic success.

University Enrollment

We help you to apply to your dream University in the UK. Active Care Education, the most trusted admission consultancy in the UK, offer students the University Enrollment service. With our in-depth knowledge of the UK education system, we assist students to navigate the complex process of University enrollment. Our team of experienced professionals provides personalized guidance and support, helping students identify suitable universities and courses that align with their academic goals and interests. We assist in preparing and submitting applications, ensuring they meet all the necessary requirements and deadlines. Our expertise in university enrollment ensures students have the best chance of securing admission to their preferred universities, making the entire process seamless and stress-free.

Online Courses

Enhance your skills and expand your knowledge with our distance learning courses.

We extend our services to online course enrollment assistance by recognizing the growing popularity and convenience of online education, Active Care Education supports individuals in effectively progressing through the process of enrolling in online courses. Our dedicated team of experts offers personalized guidance, helping students explore a wide range of online course options that align with their interests and career goals. We provide assistance in choosing distance learning courses and making informed decisions about their educational aspiration. With our expertise in online course enrollment, Active Care Education helps individuals access quality education from the comfort of their own homes, fostering continuous learning and personal development. 

Student Finance England Application

We, Active Care Education, extend our support to include Student Finance England Application help as a dedicated service. Recognizing the financial challenges students may face, our team of experts provides comprehensive guidance and assistance throughout the application process for Student Finance England. They assist students in understanding the eligibility criteria, navigating the application forms, and gathering the necessary documentation. We ensure that students have a clear understanding of the financial aid options available to them, helping them make informed decisions about their funding for education. With our expertise and attention to detail, Active Care Education strives to simplify the Student Finance England Application process and help students access the financial resources they need to pursue their studies successfully.

Career Counseling

We are delighted to be at your side to achieve the goal you yearn for. With our experienced team of dedicated counselors, we offer personalized guidance to students to make calculated decisions about their career paths. Through a comprehensive assessment, we compare your interests, strengths, and goals with your career options and advice the possible alternatives. Our counselors are equipped with modern knowledge of industry trends and insightful on skill requirements and qualifications for different fields. With our guidance and mentorship, we believe we can empower individuals to pursue their dreams and achieve long-term career success.

Visa Processing

As a trusted education consultancy in the United Kingdom, Our service goes beyond academic support by providing Visa Processing assistance. We recognize the complexities and challenges students may face while navigating the Visa Application process. Our team of experts ensures comprehensive guidance and assistance on Visa requirements, documentation, and application processing with up-to-date information and makes sure a smooth and hassle-free experience. They offer personalized support, answering queries, reviewing documents, and providing guidance throughout the entire visa application process. With their expertise and attention to detail, we strive to simplify the visa application journey, helping students fulfill their dream of studying in the UK.

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