OTHM qualifications course

Why should you do the OTHM qualifications course?

Are you currently employed or looking to work? Or want to study abroad to cover your existing knowledge or your study gap? And whether you’re up skilling, we have a number of othm qualifications course that will allow you to compete in an increasingly challenging job market. And will ease your way to study abroad. Find out the various benefits of studying an OTHM qualification as follows:

Career Development Program

The OTHM qualification course is designed to enhance credibility with employers and the career development of employees. Pursuing an OTHM qualification will allow you to increase your business and management knowledge and develop key skills to tackle work projects and situations more effectively. This in turn gives you the possibility of promotion at work. And, it allows you to progress to Bachelor’s Degree/Master’s Degree/MBA top-up programs worldwide.

Flexible study options | OTHM qualifications Course Flexible

The OTHM qualification consists of units using the RQF rules. It offers a flexible way to earn a higher degree. Each unit has a credit value. And you can do it at your convenience.

Courses are arranged according to level.

Such as

Level 3 Foundation Program.

Level 4 Undergraduate Program.

Level 5 Undergraduate Program.

Level 6 Undergraduate Program.

Level 7 Postgraduate Program.

There are also credit systems such as 60 credit 120 credit.

OTHM qualifications course

Worldwide Study | OTHM qualifications Course worldwide

OTHM qualifications are online/distance learning systems. You can complete it online from anywhere in the world at home. That means you can start whenever you want and finish whenever you want in the online learning system at your convenience.

British Degree/Masters Programme/ UK University Admission

OTHM is regulated by Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual). That’s why UK universities recognize OTHM qualifications and allow OTHM graduates to join top-up/Masters/MBA programmes. OTHAM has agreements with several universities in the UK so students will have the opportunity to study at UK universities. If you want, you can cover the study gap and take admission in UK universities.

OTHM Course Price

OTHM’s courses are extremely affordable. This allows you to spend much less than the cost of studying in the UK. OTHM degree is much cheaper and faster to complete compared to university foundation / bachelor / master degree.

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