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Study UK With Scholarships and Funding

Do you want to make your dream of studying in the UK a reality?

Are you know about UK government Scholarships and funding?

Deciding to study in the UK is an investment in your Bright future.

A distinguished degree from the UK is a worthwhile and transformational experience that will advance both your education and employability.

There are many funding options for international students wishing to study in the UK. These range from partial-funding, for example paying part of your fees, to full-funding which covers program fees, living expenses and flights back to the UK.

You can find the right scholarship for you in the course and scholarship there.

Funding for Postgraduate

The UK government runs a variety of scholarship programs to financially support international students who are looking to help finance their studies in the UK.

Greater UK Government funding

The UK government offers up to hundreds of scholarships, bursaries and additional financial support to students from a large number of countries.

You can visit the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) website if you are studying in the UK as a postgraduate student, contact us to find out more about available funding including whether you are eligible to apply for a scholarship

UKCISA is the UK’s national advisory body working in the interests of international students and those who work with them.

UK government Scholarships and funding

Specific Institutions scholarships 

Many higher-education institutions in the UK offer their own scholarship programmes.

These are given based on several factors, which can be broadly divided into the following categories:

Merit academic and excellence scholarships: They are usually awarded to students with a strong academic background, including achieving strong grades in their school exams.

Specific subject scholarships: These are often offered by individual departments to students studying a particular course or subject.

Performance Based Scholarship: They are usually awarded to those who have exceptional skills in extracurricular activities such as sports, music or performing arts such as drama or dance.

Disability scholarships: These scholarships support international students with disabilities, long-term mental health conditions, learning difficulties or other special needs.

Sanctuary or Equal access scholarships: These scholarships may take the form of a tuition fee reduction or waiver or maintenance award and are awarded to refugees and asylum seekers who have fled persecution in their home countries.

Always check out different institutions’ websites to discover what is available, and take a look at Admission and consultancy websites like Postgraduate Studentships and Prospects for curated information that covers different institutions.

UK government Scholarships and funding