The Services We Offer

Why choose ACE as your career consultant?

We are committed to provide a wide range of student services and support ranging from financial arrangements to exam worries. Our academic advisors are dedicated to advice for undergraduate, postgraduate and mature students.

Our courses are designed to fit your lifestyle so you can pursue your long awaited dream. Regardless you starting new or coming back to education after career break, our team will endeavour to provide an environment which will support your learning while also providing enough flexibility to study around career, social and family commitments. We are well aware of the demand of modern living, and you will find our team members extremely approachable and supportive throughout your studies.

We help in processing the university admission applications by our expert admission consultants to top Universities & Colleges in UK.

Our team member are available to consult, guide and help you with the job placement that is most appropriate for you and your further career.

We offer a friendly, vibrant environment right in the buzzing heart of London. The capital’s rich cultural and social life is close at hand.

The international environment and cosmopolitan character of the college makes student life a challenging, rewarding and exciting experience. If you want more information for UK university admission consultants just text us.

Are you planning to study in the UK? For centuries the UK holds the top best position in terms of Education. The royal history and authentic motion of study take away everyone’s eye. Only a few people know that you can actually study in the UK without paying for it. You can also get additional funds for yourself. Some Education Consultancy like Active Care Education LTD helps to enrich this goal. People always see a successful life after getting a degree from the UK. Sometimes people get behind just because they think it will cost a lot. When in actuality the scenario is far more different. The UK is the place where ambition and thirst for knowledge get priories the most. You can apply for a Full free scholarship. Every University offers Full free Scholarships. If your Scholarship application is partially granted, you can still apply for the Education fund from Student Finance England. This one step can altogether impact a vital role in the betterment of your future. So, fetch out from the comfort zone and start looking for your betterment. For any education consultancy, you can always contact Active Care Education.